Ornithoptera 1
Scientific Name ornithoptera
Kingdom Animalia
Class Unknown
Order Lepidoptera
Family Papilionidae
Distribution southeast asia and australia
Size up to 30 cm
Alternative Names
Regional Names 20px-Japan(トリバネアゲハ属)

Ornithoptera or the Birdwings are the largest butterflies on earth.They are found in new guinea and nearby islands.they feed on pipevines.the smallest species is Ornithoptera meriondialis



Some examples of Genus Ornithoptera

subgenus: Aetheoptera
subgenus: Ornithoptera
  • Ornithoptera aesacus – Obi Island Birdwing Twenty years ago this was (by far) the world's rarest birdwing species. Now commercially bred.
  • Ornithoptera croesus – Wallace's Golden Birdwing
  • Ornithoptera euphorion – Cairns Birdwing There is a spectacular and rare genetic mutation of this butterfly (less than 40 known examples, all from a single aberrant female) where the males are gold instead of green.
  • Ornithoptera priamus – Common Green Birdwing, Cape York Birdwing, Priam's Birdwing, or Northern Birdwing Occurs as a number of subspecies, some of which are often regarded as full species e.g., O. (priamus) urvilleanus.
  • Ornithoptera richmondia – Richmond Birdwing The smallest Ornithoptera species. Occasionally (and wrongly) regarded as a subspecies of O. priamus.
subgenus: Schoenbergia
subgenus: Straatmana
  • Ornithoptera alexandrae – Queen Alexandra's Birdwing The world's largest butterfly. Listed on CITES Appendix I.


Two formerly recognized species of Ornithoptera are now regarded as hybrids:

  • O. rothschildi x O. priamus poseidon – Originally described as species Ornithoptera akakeae. Known from a single female specimen.
  • O. victoriae x O. priamus urvilleanus – Originally described as species Ornithoptera allotei. This butterfly is, because of its rarity, one of the World's most valuable, with male specimens typically selling for more than £4,000.00 (US$7,000.00). It would be an ideal candidate for commercial exploitation because its parents are not rare on Bougainville Island and can (apparently) be easily induced to mate with one another.
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