Lesser wanderer
Scientific Name Danaus petilia
Kingdom animalia
Class Unknown
Order lepidoptera
Family nymphalidae
Distribution australia
Alternative Names
Regional Names
The Lesser Wanderer is a medium sized butterfly. They are sometimes seen flying solely across the bushes on a sunny day. They look similar to the Wanderer Butterfly, with orange colour wings and dark edge, but they also have larger white pattern on their forewings. Same as the Wanderer, Lesser Wanderer caterpillars also feed on milkweed plants.
Danaus chrysippus petilia 2


Danaus chrysippus petilia 1

pinned specimen

life cycleEdit

similar speciesEdit

this species is very similar to danaus gilipus and danaus chrysippus.

Genus Danaus
Known species

Danaus affinis - Danaus chrysippus - Danaus cleophile - Danaus dorippus - Danaus eresimus - Danaus erippus - Danaus genutia - Danaus gilippus - Danaus ismare - Danaus melanippus- Danaus petilia - Danaus plexippus -

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