White Tiger
Scientific Name Danaus melanippus
Describer Cramer, 1777
Kingdom Animalia
Class Unknown
Order Lepidoptera
Family Nymphalidae
Distribution Assam in eastern India through Southeast Asia south to Indonesia, and eastwards to the Philippines and through southern China to Taiwan
Size 60 - 75mm
Alternative Names
Regional Names 20px-Japan(スジグロシロマダラ sujiguroshiromadara)

The White Tiger (Danaus melanippus) is a butterfly species found in tropical Asia which belongs to the "Crows and Tigers", that is, the danaine group of the Brush-footed butterflies family.

similar speciesEdit

it is very similar to Danaus genutia and danaus affinis.

mounted white form


mounted orange form

Genus Danaus
Known species

Danaus affinis - Danaus chrysippus - Danaus cleophile - Danaus dorippus - Danaus eresimus - Danaus erippus - Danaus genutia - Danaus gilippus - Danaus ismare - Danaus melanippus- Danaus petilia - Danaus plexippus -

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