Jamaican Monarch
Scientific Name Danaus cleophile
Describer Godart, 1819
Kingdom animalia
Class Unknown
Order lepidoptera
Family nymphalidae
Distribution Jamaica & Hispaniola
Alternative Names Caribbean Queen
Regional Names 20px-Japan(クレオピレカバマダラ kureopirekabamadara)

danaus cleophile is a genus of nymphalid butterfly.

similar speciesEdit

it is similar to many species of danaus,its very similar to Danaus plexippus

Genus Danaus
Known species

Danaus affinis - Danaus chrysippus - Danaus cleophile - Danaus dorippus - Danaus eresimus - Danaus erippus - Danaus genutia - Danaus gilippus - Danaus ismare - Danaus melanippus- Danaus petilia - Danaus plexippus -

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