Western pygmy blue
Scientific Name Brephidium exilis
Kingdom Animalia
Class Insecta
Order Lepidoptera
Family Lycaenidae
Distribution North america
Size 1/2 - 3/4 inch (1.2 - 2 cm)
Alternative Names Brephidium exile
Regional Names 20px-Japan(コビトシジミ)

The Western Pygmy Blue (Brephidium exilis or Brephidium exile) is one of the smallest butterflies in the world and is the smallest in North America. It has reached Hawaii. It has a wingspread of about half an inch.

life historyEdit

Males patrol over the host plants all day to find receptive females. Females lay eggs all over the host but particularly on the uppersides of leaves of Pigweed (Chenopodium album), saltbush species (Atriplex), and others in the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae).Caterpillars eat all parts of the plant. Chrysalids hibernate.


Central California east to southern Nevada, central Arizona, central New Mexico, and west Texas. South through southern California, Baja California, and Mexico to Venezuela. Migrates to Arkansas, Nebraska, and Oregon.