White-spotted Agrias
Agrias amydon
Scientific Name Agrias amydon
Describer Hewitson, 1854
Kingdom Animalia
Class Unknown
Order Lepidoptera
Family Nymphalidae
Distribution South America
Size 8-9.0 cm
Alternative Names
Regional Names

Agrias amydon is a species of Charaxine Nymphalid. It holds a diverse variety of subspecies.


It is found from Mexico down to South America.


The species lives in the canopy of tropical wet rainforests, often near water sources.

Habits and BehaviourEdit

The species usually stays high in the forest but occasionally flies down for feeding or puddling.


This butterfly has multiple subspecies.

  • Agrias amydon amydon (Colombia)
  • Agrias amydon phalcidon (Brazil)
  • Agrias amydon zenodorus (Ecuador, northern Peru)
  • Agrias amydon amydonius (Peru (Loreto, Iquitos), Brazil (Amazonas), Colombia)
  • Agrias amydon boliviensis (Bolivia (Yungas), Peru)
  • Agrias amydon bogotana (western Venezuela to north-eastern Colombia)
  • Agrias amydon frontina (north-western Ecuador (Rio Mira), western Colombia)
  • Agrias amydon ferdinandi (Brazil (Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Bahia, Pernambuco), Bolivia)
  • Agrias amydon aurantiaca (Brazil (Pará, Amazonas), Surinam, south-western Venezuela)
  • Agrias amydon aristoxenus (Peru, Bolivia)
  • Agrias amydon excelsior (Brazil (Amazonas))
  • Agrias amydon uniformis (Brazil (Roraima), southern Venezuela)
  • Agrias amydon rubella (Brazil (Amazonas))
  • Agrias amydon oaxacata (Mexico (Oaxaca))
  • Agrias amydon smalli (Panama)
  • Agrias amydon philatelica (Mexico (Chiapas), Costa Rica)
  • Agrias amydon lacandona (Mexico)

Similar SpeciesEdit

This butterfly has many variable subspecies which can resemble all Agrias species.